Precarious Work Surveys Hit Windsor!


On July 12, workers at the ZF TRW auto plant in Windsor filled out precarious work surveys during their lunch break. Most of the workers the campaign team spoke to have experienced precarious work and are happy to no longer have those kinds of jobs since forming a union.

"We are very proud here at ZF TRW. Not only as a union but the company as well. The company pays us a living wage and no longer have any precarious work here,” said Jerry Logan, Unifor Local 444 Chairperson at ZF TWR.

“We know that our families and our friends do not have access to good jobs. Many have part-time, low paying jobs and it causes great stress on them and their families. That needs to stop.”

Pictured left to right: Pam Jimenz, Jerry Logan (plant chair of Unifor Local 444 Auto plant ZF TRW in Windsor), Shawn Daulpin.


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