Join the campaign to change Ontario’s outdated labour laws to make it fair for everyone

Make it Fair
Ontario workers are increasingly trapped in precarious part-time, temporary, contract and subcontracted jobs, as employers
in every sector drive down wages and working conditions.

Today, we have a once-in-a-generation chance to make sweeping changes to Ontario’s labour laws.

Ontario’s outdated labour law is failing to protect workers ...

It’s time to MAKE IT FAIR!

Together we can make it:

  • Easier to join & keep a union;
  • Easier to get a first contract;
  • Faster to resolve disputes;
  • Illegal to intimidate or harass any worker; and
  • The right of all workers to keep their jobs even when a contract is flipped.

We can help every worker by:

  • Lifting all wages above poverty;
  • Providing paid sick days;
  • Stopping misclassification;
  • Securing decent hours and paid vacation; and

Protecting every worker, with no exceptions!

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  • Dan Barrett
    commented 2016-04-03 16:22:54 -0400
    The race to the bottom that saps the opportunities from my children must stop. Dignified work requires dignified wages and a level playing field. We need to work for a sustainable future. One that is inclusive, empowering and engaging. Let us take this step and not stumble on those that would not recognize the cost of living impacts everyone. The time is now to bring forth the Ontario we Want