This year, take the campaign to Pride!

Getting and keeping a good job; safe, respectful communities; health benefits for us and our loved ones... These are all LGBTQ issues and we need strong labour unions to get them. Through unions, working people are able to join together to win better wages, benefits and a voice on the job. The power of a strong and vibrant trade union movement has also been crucial to advancing LGBTQ equality. Together, we've Got PRIDE. Continue reading


The OFL is Canada’s largest provincial labour federation, representing 54 unions and over one million workers across Ontario. Many of our affiliates have made their own submissions to the Changing Workplaces Review. These documents present important insights into the specific needs and interests of workers in different sectors. The OFL will be compiling various submissions from affiliates and allies to provide library of research and progressive submissions to the Changing Workplaces Review.   Continue reading

Background Documents

From the Ontario Federation of Labour: Need some background information on the Changing Workplaces Review or the process? Follow the links below: Continue reading

Campaign Materials

The "Make it Fair" campaign is focused on reaching out to union members to mobilize our movement into action on labour law reform. To receive campaign updates click here. To read more about the changes needed to make sure Ontarians have decent work, click here. Continue reading