Dates and cities confirmed for public consultations on Bill 148, Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017

The Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs met today to firm up the travel schedule for the public consultations on Bill 148, Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017.  Continue reading

Transcript on the changes proposed to the Labour Relations Act

Announcement on Changes to the Labour Relations Act As others have said, we have not seen legislation so there are a lot of details that we don’t know yet. It was uplifting to see that the government heard what workers have been saying for years: we need to create decent work for everyone and we need to provide them with greater access to their constitutional right to meaningful collective bargaining. Because of the hard work of activists like yourselves, we have the potential to see a lot of wins with the upcoming legislation. Under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, every Canadian has the right to associate and pursue collective workplace goals. This means that they have the right to organize, the right to join a union, the right to engage in meaningful collective bargaining, and the right to strike. Continue reading

$15-dollar minimum wage in 2019 a win for Ontario workers, must be followed by legislation to guarantee decent work as well as decent pay, says OFL

(Toronto) – The OFL congratulates the Ontario government on the steps it has taken today toward updating Ontario’s outdated labour and employment laws, and on their plan to increase minimum wage across the province. Continue reading

Government can provide all Ontarians with full rights in the workplace, says OFL

(Toronto, ON) –  Today, labour leaders from across the province gathered to discuss next steps in advance of the government’s anticipated reaction to the Changing Workplaces Review, reaffirming their commitment to Ontario workers. Continue reading

Liberal Government can take immediate steps to improve the lives of millions through the Changing Workplaces Review, says OFL

(Toronto, ON) – Working people from across Ontario have shared their lived experiences of insecurity, intimidation, precarity and poverty with the Special Advisors and with their MPPs. While their struggle is reflected in some of the recommendations in the Changing Workplaces Review, legislation must go further to improve the lives of working Ontarians. Continue reading

OFL urges government to go further than recommendations advise in order to protect Ontario workers

(Toronto, ON) – There are many missed opportunities in the long-awaited Changing Workplaces Review final recommendations, says the Ontario Federation of Labour. While the report recognizes the urgent need for changes to Ontario’s employment and labour law, it must lead to immediate, meaningful, progressive legislative change that supports Ontario workers. Continue reading

Mar 7 at 7 p.m. join a telephone town hall on the Changing Workplaces Review and winning decent work for all

The Ontario Federation of Labour invites all Ontarians to join a telephone town hall on Tuesday, March 7 at 7 p.m. to discuss the Changing Workplaces Review. You can join the teleconference by calling: 1-877-229-8493 and ID code: 116429. Right now, Ontario has an opportunity to make sure that workers are protected under the Employment Standards Act and the Labour Relations Act, so that every job in Ontario is a decent job. Continue reading

Ontario Federation of Labour: Budget should commit to building Ontarians up

As the Ontario government prepares its budget, the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) says that the next budget must build Ontarians up with plans that create stable, well-paid work and take on systemic issues that keep Ontarians from prospering.   Continue reading

OFL Best of 2016

2016 was a banner year for the Ontario Federation of Labour ! With a new leadership team, new and senior staff, increased engagement of labour councils, unions and activists across Ontario, we’ve been able to do a lot.   Continue reading

Full house for Brampton and Mississauga Assembly for Decent Work

There was a full house at the Gore Meadows Community Centre for the Brampton and Mississauga Assembly for Decent Work, a workshop on lobbying MPPs for fair employment laws. Former federal MP Olivia Chow led over 200 participants, teaching them the skills needed to successfully lobby their MPPs. Workshop participants practiced telling their stories to illustrate the changes that are needed for Ontario’s employment and labour law to support Ontario workers. Continue reading